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Mozart's Dice Game

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Education
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This application is based on a musical dice game, or "Musikalisches Würfelspiel", attributed to composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, published in 1792, one year after the composer's death. The game lets you create a musical piece, consisting of a minuet and trio, out of 272 different musical measures, in the style of Mozart! The idea is to roll two six-sided dice for each measure in the minuet, adding the numbers on the dice together, and using the resulting number to select a measure from a table. The same goes for the trio, but here you only roll one die. The minuet and trio are each 16 measures long and for each measure there are 11 (for the minuet) and 6 (for the trio) different outcomes.

You can choose whether to compose your piece by throwing dice or by selecting exactly the musical building blocks you want. Or just tap the Random button and a complete, completely unique piece will be created automatically!

There are (11^16) * (6^16) different outcomes - and that's a huge number - so you'll never run out of new music!