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iScuba Plan

iPhone / iPad
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Fast, accurate, recreational SCUBA dive planner built by the same author of iDeco - The highest rated technical diving app in the AppStore.


IMPORTANT - A reviewer thought there was a mistake in the way iScuba Plan handles Nitrox - They didn't read the 3rd bullet point - iScuba Plan converts Nitrox values to EAD (equivalent air depth) and then calculates the dive.

The reason is very simple - There are only a couple of PADI EAN tables (32, 36 etc), but iScuba Plan can accommodate *any* Nitrox mix using this widely accepted technique.


* Metric and Imperial - Allows instant switching between them.

* Plan recreational dive profiles based on the same data as the PADI RDP.

* Supports Nitrox via calculating the EAD on the fly and applying this to the Air data.

* Plan repetitive dives all in one shot. Just add a surface interval and keep right on going.

* See before and after pressure groups.

* Green/Red indicators for time, NDL, gas, and dive. Yellow indicators for warnings such as required stops and EAD's of 1.4 to 1.6.

* Allows you to do infinite "what-if's" with instantaneous feedback - Plan dives to bottom time or to the SI after the last dive.

* See the instant effect of changing depth, time, and Nitrox mixes.

* Instant Nitrox calculator. Shows pO2 as depth or mix changes.

* Innovative interface that shows everything you need to see - All dynamically!

* User interface is extremely fast and fluid.

NOTE: As always, this application does NOT replace proper certification and training. Always confirm information with tables.