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Just the Tip

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Just the Tip

Look, just admit it. You suck at figuring out the correct tip to give to that very nice looking waitress / waiter. Sure, you have that nifty little trick of calculating 20% but that doesn’t always fit every situation. For example, remember a couple of weeks ago when the waiter took forever to take your order? You didn’t want to stiff the guy (especially since you like not having to worry about your food the next time you visit) but he sure didn’t deserve no 20%.

And bluntly we are all getting a bit tired of you looking like a spaz when you are trying to split the bill between more than two people. I’m not saying that people are laughing at you behind your back when they see you in near tears trying to figure out your part of the tab (although they are), but wouldn’t it be nice to save those brain cells for something more useful like remembering how to drive a car?

So stop looking like a second grade dropout and download Just the Tip. Its easy, its fast, and it will go a long way towards making you look you can do basic math.

And just in case you gave away all your money to that hottie at the restaurant, this application is completely free.

See the little box near the top on the right side of the screen that says “free”? Touch that now to download this app. If that is too tricky for you visit for further instructions.