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Pocket Dictionary

iPhone / iPad
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Pocket Dictionary was built with 3 priorities:

√ Speed
√ Completeness
√ Size

Unlike other dictionaries this application loads in under 5 seconds. There is NO LAG while typing and when selecting an entry there is only a 0.2 to 1.8 second load time!

Not only is the dictionary loaded with words, but also idioms (common phrases) and even some famous people!

This is a first for the iPhone. This app is under 10 megabytes making it THE ONLY dictionary you can download without using your computer (due to wireless carrier restrictions). Please note though, to achieve this goal plural entries of nouns are not listed separately. But with nouns you can't just add an "s" to (like Matrix/Matrices) it shows the plural form.

√ NO INTERENT CONNECTION IS REQUIRED. The app self-contains everything it needs to run.

The definitions are hyperlinked with similar words so it also shares the functionality of a thesaurus.

New features are planned for the coming versions, but please don't hesitate to email us if there's something you'd like us to add to the app! User feedback is the backbone of great applications.