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eStroke Animated Chinese Characters

iPhone / iPad
  • Reference
  • Education
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Recommended by the Hong Kong Education Department for Stroke Order.
Traditional/Simplified Chinese all in one package. Learn them both to have a complete understanding of Chinese.

Best Teacher award recipient uses eStroke in classroom.

Review independently by educator at Carnegie Mellon University

Used by educators at Hong Kong University to make a difference to the lives of youths in Sichuan once ruined by earthquake via modern technology.
o (search for e-Stroke).

Used by educators in SDSU to apply for U.S. Government Grant.
o (search for e-Stroke).

eStroke is a complete tool for you to study Chinese. Besides showing you the correct stroke order for every Chinese Character, eStroke also contains 3 Dictionaries, Flashcards of Frequently Used characters, Self Test functionalities, HSK Vocabulary and a sample HSK Basic Level Examination. In addition, there are many thoughtful features built into the application to facilitate the learning of Chinese.

eStroke is updated very regularly and there are distinctive new and improve features with each upgrade. Please let us know if there are features you want and we will try to accommodate them in coming releases. We are very thankful to our users suggestions that have help to mold eStroke to what it is today.

Feature Summary

- Click on the info symbol at the middle right of screen for more help.
- No Internet connection required.
- Animates every Chinese Character, i.e. more than 20,000 characters.
- Traditional, Simplified and Kanji Stroke Order (Setting in Preference->Bias)
- Double tap to animate at maximum resolution (320 x 320).
- Pinch closer to increase rows/columns for animation.
- Flashcards based on Frequently Used 100,500,1000,2000, 2710 and HSK vocabulary.
o Pinyin, Zhuyin or Jyutping.
o HSK Flashcard always Pinyin.
o Swipe right/left to move flashcard foward/backward.

- Self Test functionality.
o Character/Meanings.
o Character/Pinyins.
o Character/Zhuyins
o Character/Jyutping
o Meaning/Characters.
o Pinyin/Characters.
o Zhuyin/Characters.
o Jyutping/Characters.
- Include a HSK Basic Level Exam.
- Show stroke order variants across Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.
- Pronounce Stroke Name.
- Shows Pinyin, Zhuyin, Jyutping, Radical and stroke count.
- Shows commonly used phrases
- Enables you to practice handwriting using the correct stroke order and direction by following the numbered stroke order.
- Contains 3 Dictionaries
o Chinese/English (CEDICT)
o Chinese/German (HANDEDICT)
o Japanese/English (EDICT)
- Dictionary searchable via Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Pinyin and Jyutping.
- Features fully customizable in


To animate

- Tap on Animation Box to bring up the keyboard or
- Select a character from the Grade button.

Swipe Right or Left to move Flashcard forward or backward.
To recover characters hidden with '-' on flashcard,
- Select List
- Tap cycle button to go to the hidden list.
- Swipe to delete character from hidden list.

Quick Start

You will need to enable Chinese Input on your device via Setting->General->International->Keyboards->Chinese(Traditional or Simplified) and enable Handwriting and/or Pinyin.

Start eStroke and tap on the animation area to bring up the keyboard. You will notice a Globe next to 123 on the keyboard. Tap on the globe to switch amongst the keyboards. The Pinyin keyboard is similar to the normal Alphabetic keyboard except that you will notice Chinese Characters on the Space Bar.