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Send GPS - Use SMS, email, or Facebook to share your gps location

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Navigation
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A common need is to tell someone where you are, or record a location for future reference. With SendGPS, you can compose an email or SMS text message with a click of a button.

Maybe you need to guide a parent or friend to pick you up. Maybe you want to meet someone at a place neither of you is familiar with. Maybe you want to show someone that you bagged a peak or arrived on vacation or keep them informed of your progress on a journey. Or leave yourself a reminder where to find something again, like your car or a shop or a restaurant or a place where something special happened.

When you start Send GPS, it will get your location. It will also show the accuracy of your location and altitude in feet and meters. If the accuracy is not very good, it will be highlighted in red to remind you that it might not be very helpful. If the Vertical accuracy is red, the altitude will not be included in the message. Usually the accuracy will improve if you will wait a few moments. The timestamp just under the title will tell you when the location was measured.

You can send the message to anyone. If you use the "Select Recipient" button in the application, it will save the recipient for the next time you use the application. This makes it quick and easy to send an update.

Limitations: Accuracy can be limited by Terrain and Surroundings. GPS usually does not work indoors, and may also be limited when in deep canyons and under a heavy forest canopy. Apps cannot download current maps if you (or the recipient) have no data connection.

Sending location requires a data connection, which may incur extra costs and may not be available where you want it.
Location Services will increase battery consumption.

Not intended to be relied on for emergency and lifesaving applications.

iPod Touch usage added at customer request, but iPod Touch users should be aware that the iPod does not have a GPS and can only gather 2D location information when in range of some wifi hotspots. These locations can be pretty accurate, or can point to the wrong continent.