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Soccer Yoga Lite

iPhone / iPad
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Improve Soccer Fitness Through Yoga Exercises and Become a Better Player!

A good soccer player has strong ankles, hamstrings, quadriceps, hips and back, balancing capability and superb stamina. This app provides yoga poses designed to address each of these specific areas. In addition, it provides three exercise routines - a short warm up prior to a game, a longer conditioning routine to enhance soccer fitness, and a post-play cool down. Following these exercises regularly is virtually guaranteed to increase your fitness and enhance your soccer skill. It will make soccer more enjoyable and help you remain injury free. Coaches can use these exercises for team training and improve their team’s performance.

All poses include brief directions and pose benefits. Pose pictures show correct posture and body alignment. The pose directions can be scrolled up to fill the whole screen for easy reading. Scrolling down will show the pose again and poses in each category can be scrolled left or right like a photo album. Each pose is annotated with the category name and its English and Sanskrit names.

There are 7 pose categories listed as follows along with their benefits:
1. Ankles - improve ball-striking capability from the laces, maintain flexibility and prevent sprains (7 poses)
2. Hamstrings - strengthen ball kicking and decrease back and leg injuries (7 poses)
3. Quads - increase range of motion for more power when striking the ball (8 poses)
4. Hips and Back - improve posture and decrease back, hip and leg injuries (6 poses)
5. Static Fitness - improve muscular strength and stamina (9 poses)
6. Balancing - increase control, flexibility, strength and mobility (14 poses)
7. Dynamic Fitness - improve flexibility, agility, speed and stamina (6 poses)

The 3 exercise routines and their benefits are:
1. Warm up - improves game performance with less chance of injury (22 poses)
2. Conditioning - increases stamina, strength and flexibility (30 poses)
3. Cool Down - reduces soreness and speeds up recovery (11 poses)

All yoga poses were developed and grouped into categories by Julie Rader, an experienced athlete, exercise physiologist and a yoga professional residing in Los Angeles, USA. Julie has thousands of hours of experience conducting yoga classes, yoga retreats, yoga teacher certifications, and tailored training for specific yoga therapies and sports fitness internationally. Julie has created and developed specific modular yoga programs for enhancing muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, respiration, balance, mental focus, body awareness, peace of mind, agility, and injury prevention. Julie studied Psychology and Physical Education and earned a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. She was a collegiate scholarship soccer player and an All-American springboard diver. Julie brings her unique combination of experiences as an athlete, exercise physiologist and yoga professional to this application. For more information visit her website

Buy this app today and start on a path to become fitter and better soccer player and surprise your teammates. Coaches will certainly improve their team’s performance.

The application software was developed by Pramod Shankar, PhD. For feedback visit