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Glucose Tracker

iPhone / iPad
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Glucose Tracker is here to help people with type one diabetes better handle their blood glucose levels on a daily basis.

Its particularity is that it very quickly gives you useful information. The blood glucose evolution is displayed on a graph as well as the activity of the insulin including future activity just after an injection. That way you get an instant overview of where you are in your diabetes management.

You can see the last two weeks graphically and as list. It is possible to set a target minimum and maximum for your blood glucose and see the repartition of your measured values on a pie chart (percentage of values that are in the optimal range or too high/too low). The pie chart is always up to date just like the graph.

It is also possible to export the data of the last three months as CSV file per e-mail.

You also get the estimated blood glucose average over time (repeated measures in a short amount of time like during an hypoglycemia do not falsely bias the average). The estimated glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c in %) is also given.


- Data entry is very fast thanks to a simple interface with a number pad. The new value is automatically saved as a blood glucose measure or an insulin dosis depending on how high it is (with a configurable limit). The date and time are saved automatically. All values can be edited or deleted.
- The results are visible immediately: just turn your iPhone or iPod touch in landscape orientation to see the graph appear. Flick through the pages to see the previous days and pinch to change the scale. The red dots represents the blood glucose while the blue bars indicate the insulin intakes. The top of the blue triangle indicate the insulin's action peak and the width of its basis indicates how long it will act. The yellow line indicates the current time.
- Insulin values can be given with a decimal (useful if your insulin pen supports half units).

Blood glucose values in mg/dL and mmol/L are supported.
The insulin's activity is an estimation for rapid acting insulin (Apidra®, NovoLog®, NovoRapid®, Humalog®, ...). Please contact your health specialist for more accurate information about the action profile of the insulin you are using in your body.