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Ever wish you could measure a friend's stupidity level? Maybe you'd like to break the ice with someone by measuring their "hot" level? Or how about brandishing a device that can detect a person's flatus level? With You Meter you can! This app is a totally customizable gag meter which enables you to "measure" the amount of anything you can think of. It's the perfect prank meter!

YouMeter includes two spot-on realistic animated meters (with the perfect accompanying sounds):

The fully animated needle is accompanied by Geiger counter-like ticks which increase in frequency as the meter "senses" more activity. Below the meter, a small LCD readout displays numeric meter intensity.

This meter has a more intense style of detection. The jumping LED's are accompanied by piercing pulses which increase in volume and intensity until a loud "redline" alarm sounds. Below the meter, a small LCD readout displays numeric meter intensity.

You have absolute control over how the meter reacts. Point it toward yourself and you can make it barely register. Point it toward someone else and you can make the meter go crazy (see instructions below).

You can easily customize YouMeter's name, creating a convincing (but fake) measuring device for anything you can think of. You can also quickly change the meter name by selecting any of these great presets:

- Scuzzbag Detector
- Dork-O-Meter
- Dill Weed Detector
- Poser Locator
- Tragic Fashion Meter
- Angel Indicator
- Babe-O-Meter
- Hot Body Sensor
- Stud Sensor
- Blotto Meter

CONTROL- The secret to controlling YouMeter's response is in the "Activate" button. Slide your thumb (left to right) over the button to increase the meter intensity. No other gag meter gives you this kind of control!

OPTIONS- To access the presets or enter your own custom meter name, touch the "info" button on the main screen.

We detect that you are going to have an awesome time punking your friends with YouMeter!

Possible words to detect, measure or locate: alcohol, babe, beer, bikini, bowling, car, crash, drink, fart, fight, fighter, fish, fishing, fitness, fly, flight, fortune, game, ghost, girl, god, golf, gun, health, hunt, hunter, joke, koi, love, magic, money, moron, movie, music, naked, nude, orgasm, race, radar, record, remote, sex, sexy, shoot, shooter, sonic, space, speed, strip, stripper, swimsuit, twitter, undress, urban, war, weather, virtual, zombie