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FretBoard LE: Chord, Scale, Note & Mode on Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, Violin & stringed instruments

iPhone / iPad
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  • Music
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Everything else is a copy! FretBoard started it's life in 1998 as an application for Palm devices. Over the years there were many improvements and additions. And here we are with the largest database of chords and scales, and the most supported instruments and tunings in the AppStore. FretBoard - the real thing.

FretBoard LE is the free version of FretBoard, a reference tool for players of the stringed instruments supporting Guitar, Banjo, Bouzouki, Bass (4, 5 and 6 string), Mandolin, Violin, Viola, Cello, Lute, Viola da gamba, Ukulele, Dulcimer, all Chapman Sticks, all guitars and bass guitars tuned and set up for two-handed tapping, alternative guitar tunings and many other exotic instruments like Timple Canario, Huapanguera, Cuatro Puertoriqueño, Jarana Jarocha or Cavaquinho.
Currently FretBoard holds a collection of 170 instrument tunings in 17 instrument groups, and can visualize 68 chords and 83 scales on these instruments. The free version FretBoard LE has all the features of the full version, but only provides access to 5 scales and 5 chords. FretBoard has an immense amount of music theory packed in a simple and intuitive interface guaranteeing fast access and easy understanding.

Features of FretBoard:
* Display the position of notes on the fretboard of virtually any stringed instrument (currently FretBoard sports 167 different tunings for instruments from 3 to 14 strings).
* Display chords in every key (68 chords are in the database).
* Display scales and modes in every key (83 scales, including church modes, Jazz, Blues, Bebop, geometrical and world music scales in the database).
* Two informative and detailed landscape views – one to display notenames – one to display intervals.
* Add or delete notes of scales or chords with a simple tap.
* The only app calculating the correct enharmonic spelling for notes in scales and chords.
* Orient the neck in whichever direction you prefer – right hand and left hand orientation included.
* Optional display of fretmarkers (inlays). The instruments database now holds fretmarkers positions for most of the instruments.
* Skin support. You can choose from several woods, strings and inlays to personalize the look of the landscape view.
* When you quit the current view is saved as the new default.

FretBoard is the best tool to enhance your knowledge about chords and scales making it easy to look them up in seconds and play them on your instrument. FretBoard offers you the most complete set of chords and scales and is currently the only software on the iPhone and iPod touch to calculate correct enharmonic spellings!


Please be informed, that this app is not iPad native! We will add iPad support with a later release, but for now this one is iPhone/iPod Touch only. This is why we still do not sell it as an iPad app... ;-)