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Beat Counter PRO

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Music
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Beat Counter PRO is the serious Tap Tempo, Metronome and BPM Reference Tool. It was designed by a professional musician for use at home, on stage or in the studio.

Beat Counter PRO quickly and accurately estimates tempo based on your finger taps. If you are listening to a song using the iPod application, you can launch Beat Counter PRO and your music will continue so you can find the tempo of any song in your library.

Most of the metronomes in the App Store share a common feature: they cannot keep accurate time! Beat Counter PRO was written from scratch and is not based on Apple’s free sample code. We spent quite a bit of time making our metronome as accurate as possible. You can choose from a variety of click including sounds from digital and analog metronomes, clave, cowbell, and more. Beat Counter PRO also features the ability to tune your click sound over more than four octaves! Try tuning a cowbell up an octave or two for a very musical and non-intrusive metronome sound. You will really appreciate the ability to customize your metronome in this way! And you won’t find this feature in any other metronome on the App Store.

One touch, and the Beat Calculator quickly slides into view, displaying the delay times and LFO frequencies for common subdivisions at the current tempo. Super helpful when tweaking your effects rack, synthesizer, or software instrument.

We’ve also thrown in a sophisticated Tuning Note system, easily accessible from the main screen, along with the three most common studio reference tones. This feature alone has saved us on several gigs, and again, Beat Counter PRO is the only app of its kind with this capability.

* Advanced Tap Tempo algorithm
* Use Beat Counter PRO while the iPod app is playing!
* Highly Accurate Metronome, 40-208 BPM
* Choice of Audible and/or Visible Metronome Pulse. NEW! Highly Visible Option
* Choice of Metronome Clicks with fully variable pitch. NEW! Really LOUD Options
* Metronome shows the running Beat Count and Elapsed Time
* Easily set the tempo by tapping or by touching the large LED-style digits
* Unique BPM Ribbon to quickly set traditional tempo markings
* Tuning Note Interface with easy piano-keyboard access to all twelve tuning notes, and support for tuning references from A-430 to A-450
* Choice of Blue LED, Red LED and high-contrast black-on-white LCD display
* Full-featured Beat Calculator
* Reference Tones (100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz)

NOTES: Beat Counter PRO determines tempo based on two or more taps of the large TAP button. The method used to compute the tempo delivers good estimates of tempo in two or three clicks, but to really get the most accurate readings, you should click between four and eight times. If you need to try again, the Tap Tempo detection circuit resets automatically after about 1.5 seconds.

I hope you enjoy Beat Counter PRO. Any and all feedback is welcome: write to us at