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Curse of the Bog Frog

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Curse of the Bog Frog!

Ages 12 & upwards. The Baffelgagging Blundernagging Brothers is an illustrated comedic fantasy series that combines the best elements of a picture book, a novel, and a graphic novel. Part Dr Seuss, part JRR Tolkien, and part Monty Python, the series focuses on the misadventures of Exter and Grimwilch Blundernagging, two bumbling brothers that live in the Not So Dark Ages. Exter and Grimwilch are on a redemptive quest to make the world round As spoiled, greedy children, they disobeyed their parents and set free the Perplexicating Quiggle-jibs, mysterious, mischievous magical plankton, whose chaos infects the planet, causing it to flatten like a pancake and when the planet is flat nothing makes sense and the impossible is made real. Exter and Grimwilch are now solely responsible for gathering up all the Quiggle-jibs and returning them to the indestructible magic chest where they belong but that is easier said than done. Throughout the series, the Blundernagging Brothers travel to fantastic lands, visit strange dimensions, encounter creepy creatures and kooky characters, and along the way grow closer together as brothers. In this first adventure in the series, the town of Knuckle Buckle, which is renowned for their frittered frog legs, hires Exter and Grimwilch to discover why all the frogs are gone, and to keep the neighboring swamp from swallowing up the town. But lurking deep in the swamp is the monstrous Bog Frog that tries to eat them whole! Exter and Grimwilch barely escape with their lives, and realise the only chance they have at stopping the voracious Bog Frog is by travelling to a distant dimension to visit the Great Gazoontite in his cosmic convenience store. With their new magical secret weapon, they return to do battle with the Bog Frog, and discover a Quiggle-jib along the way. They may be victorious, but they end up leaving things worse off then when they started.

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