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Afterthought Speed Reader

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
  • Book
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If you want to be able to speed-read YOUR OWN documents, then please see bullet number two below and PLEASE READ the instructions located at the website at

YouTube video how-to at:


Afterthought Speed Reader is an enhanced Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) eBook reader for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Like other eBook readers, it flashes from 1 to 6 words at a time in the center of the screen allowing increased reading speed. The Afterthought Speed Reader goes beyond other eBook readers by adding a natural conversational style that provides a modified RSVP experience that includes a completion meter, punctuation pauses, interruption pauses, and pauses at clause and sentence boundaries. For example, when processing a sentence that has clauses set off by commas or semicolons, there is a slight pause when a commas is encountered followed by a slightly longer pause at the end of a sentence--all of which is configurable via settings. This provides for a more natural story-telling style.

Other features include:
* Works with ASCII and UTF8 text (text from many languages supported).
* Work with books from the web or your own text (see FAQ at website for details on getting personal text input)
* Offline storage of books for disconnected reading.
* Internationalized (English / Spanish).
* Read in both portrait or landscape mode.
* More font choices than other eBook apps.
* More color (text color / background color) choices than other apps.
* Can add / delete as many stories as can fit in the memory of your device.
* Uses URI application processing to easily add stories to your list of books using Safari as a jump-off point.
* Supports sentence rewind / advance (allows you to back up and re-read or advance forward sentences).
* Automatically bookmarks your reading location for each book you are reading from your book list.
* Automatically titles your selections (currently only for .txt files pulled from project Gutenberg at For example, where other ebooks would list a book by its URL, like "...11.txt", the Afterthought Speed Reader will list it properly as "Alice in Wonderland"
* On-the-fly speed (words-per-minute) adjustment.

* Auto-title feature works only with books pulled from project Gutenberg.