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You are the pilot of the unbreakable Driller. You have discovered a cave full of valuable gems but unfortunately it is inhabited by monsters! Ram into these monsters to launch your Driller up in the air and collect the gems. The key is to try to stay in the air and keep colliding with monsters to build up your combo multiplier. Your combo multiplier resets when you hit the ground. The goal is to earn enough points to move on to the next level before you run out of fuel.

Tilt your phone to the left to reverse and tilt it to the right to go forward. Once you get in the air, flip your phone upside down to float for a short period of time. Time this strategically to collect the maximum number of gems.

How to Play:
-Tilt phone right to move forward.
-Tilt phone left to move backwards.
-Flip phone upside down to float.
-Each type of monster will propel you at a different velocity so use this wisely.
-Watch out for the Red Monster. Colliding with it will deplete your fuel by a small amount, but sometimes it is best to collide with it to keep your combo multiplier alive!