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Abundance Pak: Wealth

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One of the hardest things to attract is Money.  This is because we are constantly dealing with money throughout the day. We are reminded of our lack of money or what we can and can't afford.  It's hard to feel prosperous in the $0.99 cent store. The trick is put your mind into a state of prosperity even when your current financial situation is the opposite.

With the Abundance Pak: Wealth, you get a self hypnosis program and a series of tools to help reprogram your subconscious mind.  Tools to help you purge negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, while reinforcing feelings of prosperity, luck and abundance... even while paying the bills.

Developed by author, inventor and certified hypnotherapist, John Raven, the Abundance Pak puts the power of your subconscious mind in the palm of your hand.  Using the tested methods of Pocket Hypnosis and the original Abundance Pak,  Abundance Pak: Wealth gives you several mini hypnotic suggestions you can listen to anytime that re-program your subconscious mind!

You also get a subliminal track that you can listen to at anytime, that uses tested subliminal technology to reprogram your subconscious mind with life changing suggestions.  You also get a weekly, full length hypnotic induction that puts you in the right frame of mind to receive all of the specially designed hypnotic zingers that you can listen to anytime you feel yourself slipping back into negative behavior patterns!
And a new feature, the Releaser.  Many times, we have negative thoughts that prevent us from achieving the financial success we want.  The Releaser helps you to clear these thoughts by giving you a visual way to write down the thought and then, destroy it.

In addition, included with the Abundance Pak: Wealth is an electronic vision board specifically geared towards your financial goals.  Now, you will have a vision board to help you continue to visualize your financial goals whenever you need it!  You can fully customize the vision board with your own pictures, text and titles!  It even allows you to do a slide show of everything you want to manifest!

If you are serious about attracting money and prosperity into your life, you need this application!  Nothing else even comes close to the utility of having all of these tools in the palm of your hand!