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iPuck is a fast paced casual arcade game that's simple to play, extremely engaging and Scoreloop enabled. Your objective is to score points by getting the puck into the defender's net, while guarding your own goal. Beware, though, the defender object is smart and it will try to stop you!

Game Play:

> You control your player disk (the green one) by touching it with your finger and dragging it around the screen. When you lift your finger, the disk will continue to move on its own. You can also flick the player to give it momentum and direction.

> Drag the player disk to deflect the puck (the red one with the yellow spirals), or to whack the puck towards the opponent's goal.

> Your player will pivot around the point where you've grabbed it. If you are near the edge of the disk, it can swing through a pretty good arc and really whack the puck. If you want more precise control, grab your player disk near the center. The closer you are to the center, the smaller the arc of the pivot.

> Tilting your device will result in a modest gravity force in the direction of the tilt. This will curve the path of the game's objects.

> The defender object (the red bar) is smart, although not brilliant. It will attempt to track the motions of the puck, but you can still get well-timed shots past it. It may also occasionally accidentally score a point for you by knocking the puck into its own goal.

> iPuck plays for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The side with the most points when the game timer expires is the winner. At that point, you'll see a results view that shows your net score, gives you the option of uploading the score to Scoreloop and provides a button to start a new game.


When the puck hits your player, you'll move, even if you're holding the player. If you are hit hard enough, the player disk can be knocked loose from your hold. Just grab it again.

When you lift your finger off the player disk, it will continue to move on its own. Flick the player disk to make it bounce across the rink.

If an object is bounced off the field, it will return in a moment.

If you slide your finger off the player disk, at the edge of the field, for example, you'll lose direct control of the player, until you grab it again.

Game state will be saved automatically when you exit the game. You can resume the same game when you come back, or start a new game (the default).

If your player disk and the puck are locked in rapid-fire collisions, you can break the deadlock up by releasing the player disk for a moment.


iPuck is Scoreloop enabled. That means that you can play as part of a community! You can compare your scores with other gamers worldwide and challenge them directly.

You can challenge just about anyone, including your contacts or buddies on Facebook. Tapping on a name in the high score list initiates a challenge against an existing player. You can also create and accept anonymous challenges. Scoreloop will ensure that you play against opponents with reasonably equivalent skill levels.

If you really perform well, you can win medals that display your skills in your profile.

iPuck's default settings for Scoreloop score submission give you maximum privacy, but may be less than convenient. Set the "Upload Scores to Scoreloop" switch to "ON" for the most seamless experience with Scoreloop. Your winning scores will not be submitted to Scoreloop unless you either explicitly send them using the "Send Scores to Scoreloop" button, or set this switch to "ON". To ensure effective use of your bandwidth, Scoreloop limits uploads to scores that are meaningful for high score lists and challenges. Your score is only submitted to Scoreloop if you win.

Scoreloop is free so just give it try. Find out how thrilling it is to compare scores and challenge others!

Scoreloop's URL is: