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☆☆☆ Featured on "The New York Times" Thursday Styles ☆☆☆ iMirror is the perfect iPhone accessory for the fashionable man or woman. Ever had moments when you wished you had a pocket mirror to see if there's lipstick or spinach stuck on your teeth or a smudge on your forehead? With iMirror, those potentially embarrassing moments are no more! You can easily check your eyes, hair, and makeup anytime and anywhere.

iMirror works by photo capture and not by screen reflection. Why carry more accessories and weight in your already cluttered handbag, purse, or satchel when you travel? While iMirror is not meant to replace your vanity or hand held mirrors, it is a handy backup tool for personal grooming and is not a joke app. With iMirror, you can:

+ Check your appearance at regular intervals
+ Make sure make up is in its right place
+ View hard-to-see areas like around and behind the ear, earrings, nose, and tattoos
+ Touch up cosmetic after a workout or spa
+ Detect early signs of sunburn
+ Quickly look at teeth, gums, and tongue after dining
+ Look sexy beautiful before a date. Yeah baby!
Note: For your privacy, images are not saved or stored anywhere.

iMirror is easy to use. All you need to do is shake or touch the screen, turn your phone over, look at the camera, then press the green button. Your real mirror image will be ready for viewing in a few moments. With the built-in settings, you can configure the compact mirror's frame style, the image display (normal or mirror-image), and image notification alert (sound and/or vibration).

More useful functions and pretty frames will be available in future free updates!