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Think about it... You are the most important person in your world. And you must prepare yourself to survive through any unexpected events. Besides natural disasters, auto accidents worldwide claim over a million lives each month; Injuries leading to disabilities affect over 4 million people worldwide each month. This could really happen to anyone in any part of the world! Having insurance can help your family financially but having the right information on hand can help save your life at that point in time!

Your mobile phone is with you every day and will likely be with you during an emergency. ICEcare on your mobile phone can help you save a life... yours or of someone you know.

A paramedic can treat you in general but if they know about your health including allergies, medications and history, then they can provide you better informed care that can expedite recovery and minimize potential complications. Not having any prior conditions or allergies can also be very valuable information for paramedics. ICEcare provides you with those benefits and much more.

ICEcare is a comprehensive emergency preparedness solution that provides you and your family the tools required to prepare for, survive through and recover from an emergency or disaster:

• With ICEcare, your mobile handset will contain your critical medical information with your pre-identified emergency contacts, enabling first responders and hospital staff to access this information and provide best care possible for you or your loved ones during an emergency.

• Major disasters may even disrupt the wireless network. For instantaneous and assured access, ICEcare retains your information on your mobile phone. With optional service, your information is also retained on, which is accessible only to you, and all of the user identifiable data is maintained as encrypted.

• ICEcare app on your mobile works with optional service to provide you a fail-safe mechanism of delivering your critical medical information and your emergency contacts to paramedics even if your mobile phone is locked or inoperable. This is facilitated by an ICEcare Sticker that includes unique identification number to provide your critical health information without disclosing your identity or the identity of your emergency contacts.

• The optional service also provides you the ability to remotely lock or delete your personal health information from your mobile phone in case if it is lost or stolen.

• ICEcare solution provides an educational medium to train you and your family to plan and prepare for emergencies. Tools include: first aid training, home and work emergency plans, recommended items for a home emergency kit, disaster recovery procedures and more. ICEcare app on your mobile works with to provide you the ability to define and share your home emergency plan with members of your family and then enables everyone to retain your home emergency plan in ICEcare on their mobile phone for all time access.

• ICEcare provides a platform to promote social responsibility and community safety. ICEcare can be branded by your organization and provided to your audience to promote loyalty, increase corporate citizenship and facilitate charitable giving. Please contact us at to learn more.

• ICEcare helps you learn what to do before an emergency (training and preparedness), during an emergency (providing vital personal health information) and after an emergency (what to do now that a disaster has happened, who to contact, where to go, how to remain safe, etc). It also provides tools to promote community safety and more.

Note: Your acquisition of ICEcare app does not include service. service is optional, and you are welcome to evaluate it at no-cost.

We hope and pray nothing happens. But it helps to be prepared, Get ICEcare, be prepared and be safe.