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Super Chicken Space Edition

iPhone / iPad
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The story says that long time ago Evil Spicy Chicken had been eradicated from Earth and since then Super Chicken has been secretly protecting the world... Now after thousands of years Evil Spicy Chicken came back and this battle now is taking place in the Space. His diabolic plan is to convert all chicken race to the DARK SIDE infecting all the eggs in the world before chickens are born, to control their bodies and souls and therefore the entire world.

A new type of Superhero has risen from the shadows to save the chicken race for good... SUPER CHICKEN.
Your mission as Super Chicken is to save all chicken eggs spread in Space before they're turned to the Dark Side.
You'll save them by simply touching them and you'll need to get the key in each level to open the Magic Door that will take you to the next one. Be aware and protect yourself from the loyal warriors that Evil Spicy Chicken has sent to ensure his malicious plan succeeded.

This is a task for a real HERO. May THE inner chicken FORCE BE WITH YOU, don't let them turn to the DARK SIDE and remember the most important thing, if you SAVE THE CHICKENS you'll SAVE THE WORLD.

- Move the arrows (left, right and jump) to control Super Chicken.
- Press jump button again while flying to stop and go down.
- Collect all eggs and the key in every level in order to pass to the next one.
- Touch the Magic Door to be taken to the next level.
- When collecting 10 or more eggs you'll earn an extra Accuracy Bonus (bonus depending on amount of eggs).
- You'll earn a Time Bonus when you collect all eggs and key in less time.
- Every element that falls in the screen will give you a particular feature.

- 50 exciting levels of difficulty.
- Submit score to the "World Top Ranking Server" and Update the "TOP 100", plus your "Highest" and "Latest" scores. (NOT web based ranking)
- Levels will be unlocked as you pass them.
- Auto-save levels as you pass them.
- Multiple objects animations.
- Collectible items: TNT, Shield, Extra Life, Magic Clock, Golden Egg.
- Extra Time and Accuracy bonuses.
- Easy to use interface. Right, Left and Jump buttons on screen.
- Eye catching graphics, photos, icons and characters.
- Access to Settings, Home, Instruction and Top Ranking from everywhere in the game at any time.
- Fully loaded with background and SFX sounds.
- Customizable settings. Audio settings, Name and Country selection editable any time.
- Adjustable sound options. iPod enabled. All possible audio settings.
- Instructions and Tips.

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