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CatzEye is the bag of marbles you wish you had when you were a kid! Roll your marbles across the CatzEye board and drop them into the marked positions. When you get three or more matching marbles in a row, your marbles explode and you score! You've gotta be quick though, because more marbles keep dropping all the time. And if you let more than 12 marbles drop, you lose.

Now here's the really fun part! When a CatzEye marble rolls onto the board, use it like it's a wild card. Drop it beside a pair of Purples, and score! Or between two Tigers! You can also use the CatzEye marble to score with marbles that don't match. So if you drop a CatzEye between a Leopard and a Yellow, you guessed it. Boom! Or, if you have a pair of Yellows and a pair of Tigers, plunk a CatzEye between them and score all five!

There are four boards included, and each one is a little harder than the last. Also, the marbles start dropping faster each time you advance a level, so be on your toes! And when you really get into the advanced levels, you have to contend with more than just five different marbles. (Trust me, that makes it way harder!) Compare your high scores with your friends and see who can get to level 100 the quickest!

Have fun! ~Koka