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Trillionaire Trivia

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So, you've been wondering, exactly how much is one trillion dollars? Or better yet, how much can one trillion dollars really buy?

Trillionaire Trivia can help. One trillion dollars is an amount too large to truly comprehend, but you’re probably already getting used to hearing it tossed around… day-in and day-out in financial circles. The United States government is the only player in the middle of this mess big enough to actually spend that kind of money. But it’s not really their money… it’s your money!

Don’t quite feel like shopping for “Toxic Assets?” Trillionaire Trivia shows you what else you can buy for a measly $1 trillion.

-How many public school teachers could you hire with $1 trillion?

-How many months could you stay at the Betty Ford Clinic for $1 trillion?

-How many years would it take CNBC-TV to earn $1 trillion?

And the question on everyone's mind:

-How many breast enhancement surgeries could you buy with $1 trillion?

Trillionaire Trivia will answer these questions, and many others. Start the game, ponder questions based on your imaginary twelve-digit budget, and select an answer from four mind-blowing possibilities. See how you score, and see how you rate. Are you in the same league as Bernanke? Bartiromo? Buffett? Or are you in a league of your own?

Trillionaire Trivia guarantees fun-filled hours and eye-opening facts that will help you understand the jaw-dropping amounts of cash being spent on behalf of you… Mr. and Mrs. United States Taxpayer.

Download it now! Trillionaire Trivia is a real bargain, at only one-trillionth of one-trillion dollars.

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