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BotBuddies allows you to talk to 5 different chatbots at any time you want, each with their own personality.

Do you ever wish you had someone to chat with at 4 AM? Do you ever wish that you could ask God a question and get an immediate answer? Do you get bored standing in line and wish you had something to do? Do you prefer spending time with computers instead of real people? Are you lonely? Do you ever feel like no-one is around to listen when you need it? ... or maybe you have no friends, or just want to make new electronic ones?

It doesn't matter whether you answered "yes" or "no" to any of these questions, BotBuddies is the app for you! Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're frustrating, but they are always entertaining!

The 5 chatbots are:

Chomsky - This very smart bot enjoys reading Wikipedia, and then sharing what he learns with others.

Lauren - Lauren is an award winning Divabot. She's been known to be sassy!

God - With BotBuddies, you always have a direct-line to God at your fingertips!

Bella - This bot has a bit of an identity crisis. She has a constantly evolving personality, so be sure to check in regularly to see what's new! You never know what she will have to say!

AliceBot - Created by Dr. Richard Wallace, the original ALICE Bot won the Loebner Prize 3 times for her ability to chat with people.

Features / Notes:
- Easy to use interface that resembles sending a text message with the iPhone SMS application or instant messaging (IM).
- Chat conversations are stored until you clear them.
- This application requires internet access while texting with a bot.
- All bots are hosted at, or provided by

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