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Diabolotros is an old-school, retro arcade shooter in which you fight off wave after wave of robotic invaders as they approach your ship. To combat these brutes, your ship is equipped with a pair of guns, and additional weapons (Supergun and The Bomb) can be acquired on each level through skillful shooting.

Fans of Space Invaders, Galaga, Gorf, and other retro shooters will probably find that Diabolotros is just their cup of tea (or just their can of whoop-ass)!

- Use tilt controls to steer your ship.
- 3 types of weapons. The main guns are launched with on-screen buttons; The Supergun is launched by shaking the device, and causes extra damage in the form of shrapnel from exploded enemies; The Bomb is launched by holding down both on-screen buttons and shaking the device, and unleashes even more carnage on impact, causing a chain reaction which can wipe out a dozen or more invaders with a single shot!
- Invaders "march" in time to a unique soundtrack designed especially for the game.
- After every 5th level is completed, you receive a virtual unlock code that lets you start a new game from that level.
- Global high score table lets you boast of your triumphs on the internet!