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Lapping Coach lap timer

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
  • Education
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* Moving Lap Time (TM)
* Totally automated – no fiddling while driving
* Color coded acceleration
* Fastest lap time
* Highest speed
* Current speed
* Current lap number
* Review all data from sessions
* Keep or delete your sessions
* Elapsed time
* Fastest lap number
* Track layout
* GPS accuracy circle

Race track drivers: Do you ever get off the track and your buddy asks you how fast you were going through turn 4 but you're not sure because you were too busy driving the car? Well now you will know all your speeds and your lap times too!

Improve your skills by knowing your lap times and speeds with the help of the Lapping Coach (TM). You will find it extraordinarily easy to use. Instead of pressing buttons to mark the start/finish line, just start driving and after completing a lap, it will automatically display your lap time. Not only that, it will continue to update your Moving Lap Time (TM) as you travel the entire race track. For example, imagine a friend standing at the finish line timing you with a stopwatch. Every time you pass him, he shows a sign with your lap time. Now imagine one thousand friends standing around the race track, each timing you with a stopwatch and showing your lap time as you pass. You don't have to wait until the next time you pass the finish line to get your lap time. Lapping Coach (TM) is the only lap timer to have this feature.

Sometimes, due to the nature of GPS and the availability of satellites, the GPS position deviates from the track. Instead of ignoring this and fabricating a lap time during these inaccuracies, the Lapping Coach (TM) is totally honest and switches to an overhead view of the track as it sees it, poor signals and all. However not all is lost. As soon as the GPS signal regains accuracy, it switches back to showing your true Moving Lap Time (TM).

But that's not all! After you finish your lapping session, the Lapping Coach (TM) automatically displays an overhead view of the track. You can point to any spot on the track to see ALL data about that point including Moving Lap Times (TM) and speeds in km/h or MPH for every lap at that point. It also shows fastest lap and highest speed for the session.

Note that you will have to use a product that securely attaches your iPhone to your dash or windshield. In order to have the safest session possible it is not recommended to watch your iPhone while driving.

* Compatible with:
- iOS 3.1.3 and greater
- iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G
- iPod Touch and original iPhone if paired with an external enhanced GPS provided by some car kits.

* Works best with iPhone 4 or any iOS device paired with an external enhanced GPS.