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Crak LE

iPhone / iPad
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** This is the free version of CRAK with 9 free puzzles: 3 puzzles for each 3 difficulty levels**

** If you are looking to Crak more puzzles, please try the full version with unlimited puzzles with solution **

If you enjoy solving engaging logical puzzle, you will love cracking this one. On its face, Crak is ridiculously simple game. Just like Sudoku, Crak is always played on a fixed size grid with a fixed goal.

In Crak, you have a 6x8 grid made of 6 sets of 8 distinct objects - say numbers 1 to 8. But unlike Sudoku, you start Crak with the grid is already filled in with the numbers. Your challenge is to break up or crack the grid in 6 sets. Think of it as a reverse Jigsaw puzzle where instead of
completing a image based on visual clues, you are asked to brake up a gird based on logical consistency.

*How to play*
The rule of Crak is simple: crack the 6x8 grid in 6 sets with 8 tiles each. But here is the catch:

• Each set must contain all the 8 numbers: from 1 to 8.
• All tiles in a set must be connected: any two adjacent tiles in a set must be side by side or up and down - not diagonal

There is no time limit in Crak and you can go back and forth with your decisions as many times as you want.

Since Crak is a pure logical puzzle, you can play with any 8 distinct objects not just numbers. And this version of Crak offers two more choices of tiles besides numbers: letters and symbols. Playing with
numbers may be the most comfortable, but if you are in the mood, try playing with symbols for the extra sense of adventure.

** Features **
- 9 free puzzles: 3 puzzles in each difficulty level
- 3 difficulty levels to match your mood
- 3 tile designs to choose from: numbers, letters, and symbols
- Simple and intuitive touch based interface
- Switch for game sound
- Game is saved automatically and all 3 difficulty levels are saved separately

And remember there may be more than one way to crack it and Crak gives you only one possible solution.

That is all: happy Craking!

One last thing: We would like to hear from you. So please let us know of any feedback you may have.