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Adapted by many school districts, home educators, and independent therapists world-wide.

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HaloTalk is a simple yet powerful augmentative learning software. The application comes with over 50 pairs of responses commonly used daily. Each pre-defined response/adjective is natural voice enabled, with visual cue to help the user to pick an item.

The application is extremely streamlined for rapid access.

The application as-is may already be used as searchable, voice-enabled flashcards/ABA tool for any user who is still developing language (such as ESL, apraxia, autism, or any other language/learning disability).

Each pair of flashcards are designed carefully such as there is minimal additional language inference/generalization needed. For example, typical flashcard would represent "dry" as some cactus under the desert sun, or "dark" as an lightbulb that is not turned on. This is very confusing, as the learner may think a piece of cactus is actually associated with the word "dry", or confuse himself/herself between "turned off" and "dark".

In HaloTalk, all pictures are selected in the most direct manner, with minimal unnecessary variations within items in each pair, and require minimal language generalization. For example, "fast" and "slow" are represented by objects with different speed blur, not by typical "rabbit" and "turtle" pictures side-by-side.

Most important of all, this application is also designed to be used by a prompter. For example, if an user who is verbally limited is visiting a doctor's office, the doctor may use this application to prompt the user to select "OK" or "Pain" when different body part is checked. By limiting the choices available to be valid choices, this application substantially reduces negative impact due to behavioral issues.

Last-but-not-least, HaloTalk may also be used in speech modeling, similar to how an Mini-Me device is used.

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