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SkyScan is an astronomical observation companion, capable of showing what objects are in the sky at any moment of the day or night, at any location on the planet.

Designed to facilitate the preparation of astronomy observations, it will quickly become your key to successful planetary or deep sky observation.
With it, preparation becomes simple, informative and highly enjoyable.
It’s also an invaluable help for spontaneous observations, telling you exactly what is visible and where.

It will help you answer questions like:
• The sky is clear tonight, but what objects are available for me to see ?
• Next week-end, the sky should be clear for a great observation night. At what time will the sky be dark enough for amateur astronomy? What will be visible at 11pm?
• What is the best date and time to see the Orion Nebula from my backyard?
• Will the moon prevent me from properly observing other objects in its vicinity?
• Where is the moon now?
• At what time will the moon rise tomorrow?
• What will be the phase of the moon on December 3rd?
• Where is Saturn now? Where will it be at 11pm tonight?
• I would like to know more about the Andromeda galaxy and its discovery history. Can you link me up automatically to web content about it ?
• What is the current UTC time?
• What is the current Local Sidereal time? What will be the Local Sidereal time at 10:30pm ?

A built-in web browser displays Wikipedia mobile content and gives you access to an extensive source of information about the gems of the night sky, including pictures of all of them.

SkyScan and a good Star Atlas (or a GoTo telescope...) are all you need to enjoy rewarding observation sessions.
Who knows, using skyscan may lead you to participate to your first Messier marathon!

Two object catalogs are included:
- Solar System objects
- Messier catalog

SkyScan also addresses the needs of outdoors and photography enthousiasts who plan activities based on the rise/set of the sun and the moon.

Key features:

• Live display of UTC and Local Sidereal time.
• Best sky observation times for any date
• Live display of J2000.0 coordinates for all Solar System and Messier Objects
• Rise,Transit and Set of all objects for any date.
• Live display of Solar System and Messier objects up in the sky, automatically refreshed every minute.
• Photorealistic moon phase display for each day of the lunar month.
• Easy modification of time and date on start page allows view of objects parameters at any point in time.
• Automatic and manual location settings
• Access to WIKIPEDIA mobile content for all listed objects via a built-in web browser.

SkyScan does all its calculations offline, and requires the internet only to display mobile WIKIPEDIA content. It is perfectly usable in the field without being online for all astronomical calculations.

Movie demo and reference guide available on our web site.