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BottleBlow - Pyramid Brewery

iPhone / iPad
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(This application requires an iPhone or an iPod touch with a microphone!)

BottleBlow by Pyramid Brewery is a fun application that allows users to pop the top off their favorite Pyramid brew, to turn their phone over so that others can see the beer standing up straight, and to make sounds, noises, and even music by blowing across the top of the bottle (conveniently positioned near the iPhone's microphone).

Choose from a gallery of Pyramid beers (Haywire, Audacious, Thunderhead, Curve Ball, Snow Cap, or Juggernaut), impress your friends with the sounds you can create live or by sharing via email, and learn more about Pyramid Brewery Co., home of your favorite beer.

This app is fun, perfect for breaking the ice, and great at parties. Show your support at home, on the road, at Seattle Seahawks games, at Seattle Sounders games, or even at the office!


1. Launch the app.
2. Turn the bottle so that it is standing up straight.
3. Tap the cap and you will hear the bottle open.
4. Turn the phone so that the screen faces away from you.
5. Blow across the top of the bottle (or across the phone's microphone)
6. Use your finger to touch different areas of the bottle to change the level of beer and the pitch of the sound.
7. You can pretend to drink or pour out the beer to change the pitch, as well.
8. Choose Gallery to choose a different brew.
9. Choose Info to read more about the brew and send specifications, pairings, and more to your email address or to friends.


Since 1984, Pyramid Brewing Co. has been a leading brewer of specialty, full-flavored year round and seasonal beers produced under the Pyramid family of ales and lagers. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Pyramid brews its draft and package product at its production breweries in Berkeley, California, and Portland, Oregon. Visitors can enjoy Pyramid Alehouses adjacent to its breweries in Portland and Berkeley as well as Pyramid Alehouses in Walnut Creek and Sacramento, California, and Seattle, Washington. More information about Pyramid Breweries is available at

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