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Surprise them with a Whatever! Lots of voices! Parents on your back? Tap them a 'WHATEVER!' Friends giving you lip? Tap out a'WHATEVER!'
Girlfriend telling you what to do? Tap her back with a 'WHATEVER!"

Tested in the classroom, at home and on the job. You know you're getting tired of saying it all the time, now let whatever! do it for you...

You know WHEN you want to say it.
You know WHO you want to say it to.
You use ‘whatever’ when you’ve had enough and you can’t say what you really want to say.
Flip them off with a ‘whatever!’
Hit the button.
You know you want to.
What’s that?

Yeah - whatever...

Choose from 'Flo,' the ornery truck-stop waitress, 'Miguel,' the boss that treats everyone like an idiot, 'Bri,' the hot, flaky valley girl and 5 others. More voices with regular updates.

Hold your phone under the table and give your friends an unexpected whatever! Use it in the classroom or workplace to get away with a whatever! when you know you shouldn't say it. Use it anytime just because you can. Why should you have to be the one that says it? Pass off the responsibility, you have other stuff to do. Geeeesh!

8 different voices and more with regular updates. Go to and email me with suggestions for the voices you want to say 'whatever!' whether it be an angry old man, a certain accent, cool sexy girl or whatever! I'll be adding voices as updates, so send me an email and let me know.
"whatever! is my new favorite app, even more than ifart, Sonic Lighter and More Toast. It catches my friends off guard every time" ~ Chris *****

"I use this on my teachers, they always complain all we ever say is whatever, now they don't mind. It's hilarious!" ~ Brie *****

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