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Hot Guy-O-Meter

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
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Ometers™ - Hilarious But Useful Measurement

HotGuyOmeter™ - Introductory price for a limited time

The HotGuyOmeter™ is the next in the series of Ometers™ apps for the iPhone - the funniest new series of iPhone apps to hit the market. The HotGuyOmeter™ allows you take a picture of men you see or meet, give it a rating, and save or email the HotGuyOmeter™ rated picture to your friends to share the experience.

The HotGuyOmeter™ is a great way to catalog and recapture the moment and share it with others.

What can it do?

For example, say you're out on the town in the clubs, and you see a really hot guy - you can take a picture of him, dial up his ranking up on the HotGuyOmeter™ to Yummy, and send it to your friends to share the experience!

HotGuyOmeter™ Readings - One for every Occasion:

1. Hit With The Ugly Stick
2. Mirror Breaker
3. No Box Of Chocolates
4. B.O.
5. Mama's Boy
6. Great Personality
7. Doable
8. Respectable
9. Cute
10. Yummy
11. Handsome
12. Sexy
13. Looker
14. Gorgeous
15. Total Hottie
16. Let's Have Kids
17. Dreamy

***Customizable*** - You can add, remove, and rearrange your meter rankings!

In addition, if someone sends you a HotGuyOmeter™ picture, you can save it to your photos and then use the photo and give your own HotGuyOmeter™ ranking, and send it back.

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