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Ometers™ - Hilarious But Useful Measurement

MulletOmeter™ - Introductory price for a limited time

The MulletOmeter™ is the next in the series of Ometers™ apps for the iPhone - the funniest new series of iPhone apps to hit the market. The MulletOmeter™ allows you take a picture of your friends or people you meet who have a mullet, give them a rating, and save or email the MulletOmeter™ rated picture to your friends to share the experience.

The MulletOmeter™ is a great way to capture the moment and share it with others.

What can it do?

For example, say your friend has grown mullet to be cool - you can take a picture of him or the situation, dial up a ranking on the MulletOmeter™ to Kentucky Waterfall, and send it to your friends to share the experience!

MulletOmeter™ Readings - One for every Occasion:

1. Tennessee Top Hat
2. Kentucky Waterfall
3. Canadian Passport
4. Hockey Hair
5. 10-90
6. Yep Nope
7. Achy-Breaky
8. Joe-Dirt
9. Spicoli
10. The Boz

***Customizable*** - You can add, remove, and rearrange your meter rankings!

In addition, if someone sends you a MulletOmeter™ picture, you can save it to your photos and then use the photo and give your own MulletOmeter™ ranking, and send it back.

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