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Smoke Rings

iPhone / iPad
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Smoke Rings is a fun game where You can puff smoke rings using Your mouth and the iPhone's built-in microphone! Try to puff perfect rings, double rings and try to send one ring through another in order to gain bonus points!

In order to puff smoke rings, You must first "suck" some smoke. To do this, try to suck the air out of the iPhone from its microphone at the bottom-right side of the iPhone, making some kind of "sssssh" noise. Put Your mouth right next to the microphone! You can only get a limited amount of smoke at a time so don't waste Your cigarette too much! Two or three seconds of full power must be enough of that. You must see a reddish glow at the bottom of the screen if You do it right. The brighter the glow the more smoke you get. When You think You got enough smoke, make a short puffing noise like "Pft" loudly and sharply right into the microphone until You see a ring! You must have a certain amount of smoke sucked or You won't get a ring at all.

To get the point and see how it works, check out the homepage or this video:

A single ring gives You 100 - 3700 points depending on its perfection. If You are good at it, You can puff two rings at once. If You manage to do so, You get a bonus! If You blow the second ring through the first, You get even more bonus!

This game is solely for fun, and not in any way tries to convince You to smoke - on the contrary, You might quit smoking using this application since it gives You something to "smoke" instead of a real cigarette without hurting Your health!


Compatible only with the iPhone (1G and 3G) and the 2nd gen. iPod Touch with restrictions. The 2nd generation iPod Touch must be equipped with a head-set with a microphone in order to play this game since it relies on sound input.


- Breath-controlled gameplay
- Beautiful realistic smoke rings
- Realistic smoking simulation
- Two difficulty levels
- Bonus points for perfect rings and tricks
- High-score tracking

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