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It's time for the evolution of Golf!

Having scores that don't reflect your potential makes the game frustrating. The first step towards improvements is having a plan.

To improve your scores, you must first identify which part of your game is costing you the most strokes. A proper diagnosis of your golf game is needed to those problem areas. GolferScan will help you improve your game with performance measurements from statistics.

GolferScan will give you a specific report on the 10 majors aspects of the golf. Targerting your weaknesses and improving your scores will be easier than you think.

GolferScan is so easy to use because your iPhone GPS will record your location on a graphic hole display while you area playing your game.

Get your analysis
For each requested analysis you get:
- Your Handicap, your Potential handicap
- How to reach your Potential handicap by providing you:
a) Reports on weak points
b) Generic reports on the goals to archive during practice time
c) Reports on Strong point

On GolferScan Web you get the previous mention information plus the following:
- Graphic representation of all rounds
- Your average distance per club
- Generic representations of all yours tee shots
- Generic representations of all yours approach shots

On GolferScan Web, you can get a comparative analysis from different time periods upon request. All analysis area available to all levels of Golfr from Pro to 40 handicap, man and woman.