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Dungeon Raiders

iPhone / iPad
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  • Adventure
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The Dungeon world is in danger!! Plots are being hatched and people are dying in the highest spheres of power. All the kings have lost a princess to give some work to the knights, but evil is everywhere and the world can tip into chaos at any moment.

But saving the world is a demanding task which is not for you. That's why the story of Glandalf the Magician has got absolutely nothing to do with princesses and worlds that must be saved! OK, a magician of the calibre of Glandalf isn't even capable of lighting a fire, but when one of his friends is in danger he is ready to do anything to save him. A friend in need is a friend indeed!

It turns out that, Butcho, his childhood chum has decided to take up a job as an executioner. Not everybody's cup of tea, but that's the way things are ! He is working in Transylvania for Count Dracula, himself! However, the count is an "ungrateful gaffer" and Butcho is being exploited to the full. This is too much for Glandalf and he decides that he will go help his friend find a more stable and better paid job!

Glandalf may have delusions of grandeur, but he does know that he cannot defeat Dracula by himself. He therefore thinks of Luigi the thief, the third member of his merry little band. And what a finely-tuned band it is! A big thick executioner to take the hits, a thief to pick the locks, a magician to inflict damage and a . . . . ummmh . . .Well, normally there would be a priest to heal the injured, but it would seem that Glandalf never made it to the end of the dungeon exploration manual ! For the moment Luigi is being held prisoner by pirates and their chief, the Giant Parrot who goes "qweek".

That's why the story begins on the beach of the pirates' lair, looking for your friend Luigi.

-Full 3D World
-Discover a crazy story
-Avoid the traps
-Draw your spell using your finger