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A picture paints a thousand words. There are many situations where it is better to sketch a picture than to try to explain it with a thousand words. If you cannot explain it in words either verbally or written, why not just sketch it down and send it as email. Try asking direction from somebody and you will understand how difficult it is to follow, go to the end of this road, turn left and take the third right; when you see McDonald on the left, take the next right turn. Where was that McDonald again?

That is what SketchMail is created for. Just sketch and mail. If you want to create something special instead of just using words, SketchMail can do that for you as well (See screen shots)

SketchMail contains many powerful yet familiar features such as various shapes marquees that restrict drawing to certain part of the screen or inverted marquees to protect certain part of the drawing. Undo allows mistake to be easily corrected and redo if you if want to see the before and after effect. SketchMail also comes with various line styles. Together with Pattern, SketchMail enables you to create special effects as Sunshine. You create pattern simply by setting the Pattern to ON, pick a shape and drag randomly. If you want, you can also cycle colors such that pattern will use a different color to repeat the next shape.

Tools from top left

Use to drag text or drawing around

Use for free hand drawing and setting brush size.

Use to enter text (Select Font and Font Size in Setting tool). Text can be dragged around via the pointer tool. To change font/size or text color, just select the font or color and tap the text while in the Pointer mode.

Consists of Heart, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse and Line shape. The dot at the center means that the shape is drawn with the initial touch at the center. In addition to the shape, you can select line style, pattern, cycle color or fill attributes by tapping on the Shape Tool while already in Shape Mode.

Consist of Heart, Rectangle, Circle and Ellipse Marquee. Invert Marquee by holding down the marquee tool for 1 second. Marquee determines the portion of screen that can be drawn. Tapping outside the marquee while in Marquee mode clears marquee.

For free hand erase and setting eraser size. Can also use marquee and the delete tool to erase selected area.

Use to copy area within a marquee. Select the area with the marquee tool and select Copy tool to copy. Move copied image by dragging within the marquee.

Use for setting text font, antialias, overlay open and outgoing mail server. Google provides a free smtp server for your outgoing mail if you do not have one.

You need to set My Name and My email to identify yourself in the outgoing mail

Pressing delete clears the screen or the area within marquee. Hold for 1 second clears everything including marquee.

Tools within the Toolbar

Tap to see mails in the mailboxes.

Open save files or Photo album. Hold for 1 second to import a picture from photo album. You can move the picture after import or tap to place picture at current location

If Overlay Open is set in the Setting Tool, the current background color will be used to mask the newly open image. Color matching the background color will be transparent. You can move the newly open image or tap to place image at current location.

If Overlay Open is not set, then the newly open file will overwrite everything that is present on the screen.

Tap to save the current image with text. Texts are restored as text and can be edited.

Hold for 1 second to save to the current screen dump to the photo album.

Undo/Redo tool


Foreground/Background Color

Tap to send screen image as mail.