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Helping Scared Children Get to Sleep

Children that have trouble going to, or staying in bed can put an enormous strain on the parents and the family.

There's the dreaded "I'm scared!" cry, like clockwork, every single night, and you try many methods of soothing your child several (or many) times a night.

If you find your child in this category, it's worth trying this simple application.

Step 1. Child says they are "Scared".

Step 2. Launch application, sit down with them and say you'll come back in a few minutes to check on them, and talk about how long, probably start at 5 minutes, it only takes one or two nights so it's very little inconvenience.

Step 3. Show them setting the alert time, say goodnight and ask them to hit the button (or do it yourself).

Step 4. Wait for the alarm (you can tap on the arrow to change the alarm tone, and it can be made louder or softer with the normal volume control on the side of the iPhone/iPad.

Step 5. When the alarm goes (or if they call earlier, or if you want to go in earlier) flip the mute switch on your iPhone to silence the alarm and go check on them. If they are asleep, push the "Zzzzz" button. The alarm is cancelled.

If they aren't asleep, give some love, a pat on the head, sit for a minute if you want, and then say you'll come back again (in the same number of minutes). Then push the "Not Asleep Yet" button to restart the timer. Turn the mute switch off again if you want to hear the alarm.

After a week or whenever you want, talk to your child and negotiate a longer time (7 or 10 minutes). If they keep asking for less, you may be surprised that even at 5 minutes they can fall asleep before you even check on them the first time.

Of course this can be done without the app, but the app does 2 things, firstly it makes the whole sequence easy and fun to do and secondly it involves your child in the process. All for $1 - money WELL spent.

Using this system our children magically solved the "Scared" problem on the first night! No kidding..

We wish you every success. And a peaceful bedtime.

Good luck!