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What Women Want

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For entertainment purposes only!

How well do you understand women?

Are you a ladies’ man, or are you clueless when it comes to women? This fun app was created by women to help men see what they’re doing just right, and what they’re doing horribly wrong. No matter what, this quick quiz offers great advice and is a fun way to challenge your friends or partner on their dating IQ.

Want to be smooth? Knowing what you’re doing wrong (or right!) is the first step!

Answer truthfully and find out the dirt on whether you're a smoking hot find or an awkward wannabe when it comes to women. Have a great laugh with your best friends and try this out on anyone you meet!

It's split up into two different categories, one set of questions for singles and one set of questions for dating couples. Select one of three answers and it'll compute whether you're a favorite in the eyes of those you want to fall in love with or not so much.

Think of it like a funny joke you can share with others and see if your boyfriend or girlfriend really has the hot stuff that every other girl or guy desires so much. From questions about beauty to looks and hygiene, how do you think you rank up on your appeal?