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SpellDown Spelling Bee

iPhone / iPad
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SpellDown is the fun way to create spelling lists and spelling bees. It's perfect for learning SAT words, managing your kid's weekly word lists, or mastering words that just give you trouble.

SpellDown works on older devices as well -- iPhones and iPods running iOS 3.1.3.

SpellDown makes it easy to create custom spelling lists. You create your lists with only the words you want. Spelldown will fetch the audio but you can also record using your own voice and add your own definition.

Once you have a list, test yourself using SpellDown's fun spelling bee game or HangBee.

Because you can record your own audio, it's easy to create themed and question based lists (e.g. "What is the capital of Wisconsin?", "Who is Vader's old Jedi master?")

SpellDown also allows you to share spelling lists between two different devices:
1. Bring up the sharing icon on both devices
2. Bump both devices together when asked
3. After connecting, either device can send a list

Please visit SpellDown's web site for more information and to see its exciting plans for future releases. Please email with suggestions. I will be happy to help.

Spell now. Spell often.

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• twitter: @iSpellDown
• user manual

Available now in 3.5:
• Retake test with only the missed words
• View all misspellings in the report card
• SpellDown users can now share lists with others.
• French keyboard added.
• 1st generation iPod can now install SpellDown.
• No wrong sound option for the spelling bee.
Available since 3.x:
• New interface to create spelling bees quickly and easily.
• HangBee, SpellDown's version of Hang Man, a new game that allows you to play hangman with your words.
• Select the audio for wrong guesses.
• Supports Spanish accents: (áéíóñúü¿¡) Enable these though the Settings application. Once enabled, just tap the letter once it's in place.
• Supports multiple users. If more than one person uses your device, you can track different users.
Available since 2.x:
• Select the quality of recording.
• iPod/iTouch users with headset microphones: to enable recording, go to the settings app, select spelldown and enable dialogs.
• Statistics and reports.
• Randomize words for spelling tests.
• Capitalize any letter -- just tap the letter once it's in place.

• spelling bee with a standard keyboard

Response to user feedback:
• There is no need for a backspace key -- You just swipe off the letter you want to delete. See the new user manual for more details
• If audio doesn't work, make sure the mute button is off. Version 3.2 includes a check. Also, in the Settings app (Settings->Sounds), be sure the Ring volume (right under vibrate) is set to at least 50%
• Since I can't respond directly to iTunes user feedback, please feel free to email:

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