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Preview the first chapter from the following Classic titles we have for sale on the App Store:

* 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
* The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
* The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
* The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
* Don Quixote
* Dracula
* Frankenstein
* Grimms' Fairy Tales
* Moby Dick
* Oliver Twist
* Pride and Prejudice
* Sense and Sensibility
* Siddhartha
* The Phantom of The Opera
* The Prince
* The Time Machine
* The War of the Worlds
* The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
* Treasure Island

In addition, we have included the following stories free in their entirety:

* The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
* Heart of Darkness

We hope you enjoy the previews. If you do, please purchase the full-length version of the books: just search for ReadSmart in iTunes App Store.

About ReadSmart
ReadSmart is a set of patented technologies created by Language Technologies, Inc. for improving reading comprehension, speed, and enjoyment. ReadSmart technology is founded on decades of research on the science of reading and has been tested extensively in laboratory and field studies. Our proven technology enhances reading through improvements in digital typesetting and the subtle arrangement of type on a page, without altering the content or design.

Generic e-books preserve content and facilitate distribution, but remove the unique typographical qualities of the book, which book designers carefully craft through choice of type and design when making print books. We do not believe electronic books have to look identical.

ReadSmart algorithms analyze text to give document-specific results: the arrangement of text for a document is optimized while preserving the designer’s layout. ReadSmart technology also converts digital typesetting files used for print books to digital books. Our process customizes the book content for the reading device by making intelligent, economical use of the display. Critically, once a digital book has been created using ReadSmart technology, it has the look and feel of a book, not a generic electronic document.

If you have a technical issue, please contact before submitting a review.