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I wanted a clock with a minimalist design that only told me the time, date and day. Removed everything else. Also wanted a clock that "pushes" me through the hour. If you don't need an exact time, Tokei will approximate it for you.

The numbers rise every hour and every minute.
For hours, 00 at the bottom and 23 right at the top.
For minutes, 00 at the bottom and 59 right at the top.

I'm not a big fan of "Mon", "Tues" etc. So I decided to use Japanese kanji to display the day of the week. I'm sorry, but you *have* to learn a little Japanese.

月 (Moon, getsu) Monday
火 (Fire, ka) Tuesday
水 (Water, sui) Wednesday
木 (Wood, moku) Thursday
金 (Gold, kin) Friday
土 (Earth, do) Saturday
日 (Sun, nichi) Sunday

To help you remember, let me tell you a story my Japanese teacher told me many moons ago.

You are getsu-ing ready to leave.
You drive your ka-r to law school.
Today, you will learn the process of sui-ng someone.
You make a mistake, your friends are moku-ing you.
But you are kin to get it right.
So you do it again.
And you found your nichi as a future lawyer.

I don't know where he got it from, but it sure helped me remember my days in Japanese! ^^. Enjoy!

ps. Landscape mode is available too.