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TypeUnits (units convertor)

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TypeUnits - units conversion with one click

This units convertor makes conversion easy. No nasty scrolling, no categories to pick - just type in what you want to convert and hit GO. You don't even need to specify what units to convert to. You only need to tell once what measurement system you understand and TypeUnits will guess appropriate target units for you.

For example, type in "6 inches" and hit GO. The answer will be "0.5 feet" if target system is US or UK, but it will be "15.24 cm" if target system is Metric.
Or, if you're an american wondering what that "23 sq. m." means - just type in "23 sq. m." and hit GO. The answer will be 247.57 square feet. Or, if you prefer it in square yards, type in "23 sq m in sq yrd" and hit GO - you'll instantly know it's 27.5078 square yards.

TypeUnits converts length, weight, area, temperature and many other units you may need every day. TypeUnits covers US, UK and metric measurement systems and aims to recognize most commonly used names and abbreviations. And if there are any ambiguities TypeUnits will show you all possibilities what that can mean. Yet, if you think I've missed a unit, spelling or abbreviation - just let me know and I'll add it.

Use either = or in to separate the original and target units.
Typing "1 l = oz"  results in
1 liter = 33.814 US fluid ounces

"100 m2" results in
100 square meters = 1076.39 square feet

"1 foot in in" results in
1 foot = 12 inches

"10 l/100 km" results in
10 liters/100 km = 23.5215 miles per US gallon
10 liters/100 km = 28.2481 miles per UK gallon
depending on target measurement system selected