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Color Picker Trivia Lite

iPhone / iPad
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Hey you! Quick! What color is Mickey Mouse's shoes? White? Red? Black? Yellow? Ooo...times up!

Here's a new trivia game like no other! Do you remember what color Goofy's hat is? What about Donald Duck's bow tie?

Color Picker Trivia is the newest trivia game craze. Unlike the other trivia games asking you "Who shot JFK?", or other interesting facts, Color Picker Trivia is more of a fun game making you remember colors of objects, characters, and other other things you may have come across. Quick, do you remember what color is Porky Pig's shirt? Red? Blue? Yellow? Pink? I'm not telling!

Go try it out! See if you like it! After all, it's free!

We threw in some features that no other trivia game has! Like the Game Timer and the Question Timer. You can easily set how much time you must answer each question and control the length of the game as well.

Let us know how you like these features and if you prefer us to change these values and/or add more features. Remember, we made the game, but YOU play it! Why shouldn't YOU have control?!



Because this is the "lite" version, this app only has access to our first 100 questions in our database. This means that "the more you play, the more frequently you will see 'REPEAT QUESTIONS.'" Please bare with us as we continue to develop and improve upon this game before we release the full version.

This version will NOT save your scores locally nor on our online leaderboard. Local and online leaderboard is for the full version only, and as a fair-play to everyone, only the games played in default settings (Game Timer: 60, Question Timer: 10) will be allowed to save their scores locally and on the online leaderboard.



The Game Timer can be change anywhere from 10 seconds to 120 seconds (default 60 seconds). This allows you to play shorter or longer time periods as you wish.

The Question Timer can be change from 5 seconds (who the heck would do that? I dunno, but you can if you want!) to 120 seconds (default 10 seconds). Use this to challenge yourself to answer the questions faster!


- Every aspect of this game requires an internet connection.
- iPod touch users need to be connected to Wifi in order to use this software.