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To Be Or Not To Be

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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We have divined with our crystal ball that you seek the number one fortune teller readings in all of iphone land. Never fear, your clairvoyant psychic is here with the definitive interactive fortune teller - To Be Or Not To Be.

Seek psychic spiritual guidance from our iphone app and its astounding psychic reading. Be amazed at its powers of telepathy and clairvoyance, greater than the tarot, horoscope, mediumship or astrology. With psychic powers more powerful than all the worlds psychic mediums put together. Greater than any spiritualist or any diviner of fortune astrology, more power than all of the other psychic readers practising their arts today, greater psychic abilities than all the clairvoyant psychic readings held by the worlds best and most respected in the field. Do we love hyperbole, just a bit.

So without further a do, let us bring you, To Be Or Not To Be, the worlds premier fortune teller, the number one iphone psychic fortune teller.

Do not suffer your inner demons of doubt. Do not fear the psychic paranormal, for we bring you the answer to your prayers and fears with The worlds best psychic readings. You will be aghast at the astounding predictions, the worlds most famous mediums and best psychics look on with envy at its psychic predictions.

What strange sorcerer magic may this be that we have harnessed? What dark witchcraft and sorcery is at work here? Just how in the devil do you create such masterful psychic ability, such accurate psychic fortune readings? What manner and means does power this psychic phenomena, this wonder of the parapsychology arts? Just what is its psychic source of power.

Some believe that it is a two way device to the heavenly reams, where one can seek converse with an angel, or even an archangel when they are not too busy, others say that it is a heavenly tool for converse with ones guardian angel. The less trusting, some would say cynical or superstitious believe we trapped the spirit of a witch or a powerful witch doctor of voodoo, or even the ghost of a high priest of wiccan magick within the orb, others say that it is possessed by evil spirits, that witch craft can only account for the stunning accuracy of the fortune predictions it makes.

Or still, that we have Captured a hive of demons withing the silicone of the iphone by way of magical ritual, or that we have discovered how to turn the iphone into an interface of communication to the demon world itself. That we are in league with devils and demons where we have attained high powers of the occult, that we are in league with Lucifer, or even his big brother Satan himself. They fear we have used some foul and dark black magic. Others, nay, I say the cynics amongst you, proclaim that we have simply performed an illusion of computer A.I trickery. But whatever the means of its power, has the world ever seen such psychic development contained within the convenience of your portable iphone come later day magickal psychic readings tool, total convenience 24, 7, psychic advice machine, a machine that is simply spell binding.

Whats more, the Inquisition can no longer burn you for practicing witchcraft. Though we will not be held responsible for any demonic possession, or accountable for any exorcism that may be needed that may occur, on account of anyone phoning any netherworld with their iphone, stroke 21st century demon tool interface.

But whatever the means of its working, what we have with the To Be Or Not To Be iphone app is a fantastic device that one can all upon to ask questions of uncertainty of ones fate, its vocabulary is truly vast and really does seem to have a personality of its very own, that at times truly does seem to be more than what it would seem.