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Taiwan is located southeast of the sea, covering an area of 36 thousand square kilometers. Taiwan is mountainous and hilly area of mountains and the total area of more than two-thirds. Taiwan's warm winter climate, the summer heat, rainfall, summer and autumn typhoons and storms and more. Tropic of Cancer passing through the central island of Taiwan, the northern sub-tropical climate, the south has a tropical climate, annual average temperature (except the mountains) to 22 ℃, annual precipitation more than 2000 mm. Abundant rainfall in the river to the island development to create good conditions, independent of the size of river into the sea川达608, and the fast water, and more waterfalls, abundant water resources. Taiwan's forest areas throughout the area of about 52% of the Tai Ping Shan, Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi, Alishan Pa-hsien-shan and three major well-known forest, timber reserves of up to 326 million cubic meters, nearly 4000 kinds of tree species, including in particular Taiwan fir, red cypress, camphor, and other valuable timber Machilus known, camphor extract even the highest in the world, camphor and sassafras oil production accounts for about 70% of the world's total.

Taiwan is surrounded by the sea, a total length of 1,600 km coastline, the Gulf Stream is located at the junction of cold, rich in fishery resources. Jun water depth along the eastern coast, fishing throughout the year we do not; Harbor for the western extension of the continental shelf, relatively flat, rich bottom-dwelling fish and shellfish, offshore fishing, aquaculture industry is relatively developed. Also more developed offshore fishing.