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GMToolKit - RPG Helper

iPhone / iPad
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GMToolKit is an application designed for the hard working Game Master (or GM) running a variety of Role Playing Games (RPG). It works great for players too.

GMToolKit offers the traditional die rolling with just a tap, but goes beyond your typical dice rolling program by offering:

- Automatic hands-free rolling: Turn it on and a new roll is generated every one half to ten second interval. Just glance down for a quick check...they’ll never know you’re rolling for wandering monsters until it is too late! Got your hands full in battle, let the system roll attack checks for you.
- Define your own multi-dice roll sets: Need to roll 10 sets of’re covered. Need to calculate the damager when the thief falls from the tower ... no problem! Need to compare success vs. failure (1s vs. 6s)... ready to serve!
- Stuck for an NPC (Non-player character) name for that mysterious figure in the tavern...generate a unique one with a single tap on the screen. Don’t like that batch, tap and tap again.
- Place name generator creates unusual place names inspired by Germanic, Old English, Latin, and Gaelic languages
- Ever find your players visiting a new room and you need a quick is another tap away. You’ll have a basic idea of furniture and items to start painting your own descriptive tapestry. Not quite what you wanted.. don’t worry just tap again and again.

The random names are based on a combination algorithm not from fragments or see words. You may get some interesting, cool, and very fantasy like names but will never want to name your baby with them. The room generator has over 100 items, dress pieces/furniture, and special items used to populate 10 templates.

Finally, every gamer and Game Master know the dice get cold and you need to pull out a new set. Just tap the “seed” button to re-seed your virtual dice bag!