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RingSize is a ring size measurement tools, it has two mode : Normal mode and Secret mode.

<< Normal mode >>

Put your finger perpendicular (e.g. vertical) to the screen (but not touch it , for accuracy), click the button for a bigger or smaller ring circle. To eye measure which size your finger fit in.

Make sure the circle fits your finger base.

<< Secret mode >>

Wanna to give your girl / boy friend a ring surprise? And you don't know his / her finger ring size? The secret mode is for you.

There is a simple "fake game" for your girl / boy friend to play. He / she has to tap on some colorful circle, and you eye measure which circle fits his / her finger. You would find the ring size number (circumference in mm) on the screen, then check the exact size in the normal mode.

This mode could give him or her a ring surprise, without letting her / him knows. Even he /she knows, it would be sweet. Remember to take back your iPhone once he / she finish the game.

<< FAQ and Disclaimer >>

Q1 : Why I have to eye measure the ring size? This app could not detect my finger size when I press on the screen?

Ans 1 : To my understanding, the ring size (e.g. the size of your finger base) is not proportional to your finger head. Someone has a bigger finger head. So the eye measure would be more accurate on the iPhone platform.

Q2 : Where is the app data from?

Ans 2 : I created this app based on the Ring size information on wikipedia :

Q3 : Is this app accurate?

Ans 3 : I try my best to implement the measurement accurately, including the design. The background color is black in this app (Normal and Secret mode) since it could make you easier to eye measure your ring size. Of course I could not guarrantee the 100% accuracy.

Q4 : What else I should mention?

Ans 4 : Some factors would change your ring size. For example, if the afternoon is the most moisture time in your place, your finger will a little bit bigger. Moisture and temperature difference would change your finger size. You probably would be surprised about it, relax, it is normal.

<< keywords >>

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<< Screenshot >>

1. Main menu screen.
2. "Fake game" opening screen in the secret mode.
3. Game playing in the secret mode.
4. Normal mode in use.
5. User guide for secret mode.