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Be the first to tap with TapFirst –– it's a race against time in this exciting reaction game for up to four players!

With TapFirst:
• Play with 1-4 players
• Choose from 6 unique themes from 5 artists
– Dogs racing for a bone
– Kids running for a cupcake
– Octopi searching for fish
– Early birds getting a worm
– Puff creatures chasing a blue puff
– Mice scampering for swiss cheese
+ Plus a hidden mode: can you find the secret?
• Amusing sound effects
• Simple, fast gameplay
• Single-player timing mode –– track your average reaction times
• Adjust sounds and on-screen help to suit your preference

To Play TapFirst:
1. Choose the number of players, theme, and other settings.
2. Tap PLAY.
– The game screen will appear. The artist name and instructions (if enabled) will fade within 10 seconds.
3. One character image per player (i.e., 3 players –– 3 dogs). Choose your character and prepare your reflexes!
3. When ready, tap BEGIN.
4. Wait until the goal image appears (bone, worm, etc.), then tap your character.
– If you tap too soon, you are disqualified for the round.
5. The characters will race for the goal, with the first player to tap winning the round.
6. Repeat!
- Tap Back at any time to change settings and start a new game!

Featuring artwork by Hannah Pederson, Hunter Roux, Anthony Wenke, Ryan Shea, and Grace Liao.

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* * * ATTENTION iPod touch Owners * * *
Make sure to set Sound Effects to either "Headphones" or "Both" in Settings > General > Sounds > Sound Effects to hear sound effects, and be sure to wear headphones or connect your iPod to speakers.