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강호패도기 IV - A Story of Heroes

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Storyline : This story follows the original chivalrous comics and covers successors of various fighting groups with the main character being, Yushin. The story covers Mainland China, Desert and the Continent of Europe. Action scenes of different characters can be seen with their own unique styles. Yushin trained to be the best thief with his friend Doh Myung-gaek, however he accidentally got involved in a fight amongst all of the fighting groups in order to attain the ultimate martial arts book. However, this battle was triggered purposely by Dumyo, the leader of Guimun group. Afterwards, Yushin discovered that he was the original successor of the Guimun group and faced a fatal combat against Dumyo. However, another huge secret was revealed in the fight and because of this, Yushin lost his rationality and disappeared.

• (c) CHOI Mir
• Genre : Action, Martial art
• Volume Published : 37 (complete)
• Sale :
- PartⅠ(1 to 10)
- PartⅡ(11 to 20)
- PartⅢ(21 to 30)
- PartⅣ(31 to 37)
• Publishing : Daewon C. I. Inc
• Dev / Sales : DaolSoft, Co., Ltd

출생의 비밀을 간직한 채, 가혹한 운명을 받아들여야 하는 소년 무사 유신. 몽골과 귀문의 세력으로부터 강호의 평화를 지키기 위한 무림고수들의 싸움을 그린 무협 만화의 진수!
작가의 톡톡 튀는 연출과 화려한 액션이 어우러져 독특한 분위기를 발산하는 정통파 무협액션.

• 작가 : 글 최미르 / 그림 최미르
• 장르 : 액션, 무협
• 권수 : 총37권
• 판매 :
- Ⅰ(1-10권)
- Ⅱ(11-20권)
- Ⅲ(21-30권)
- Ⅳ(31-37권)
• 출판사 : 대원씨아이
• 개발/판매 : 다올소프트