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Prank your friends with LookAlike! The 'facial recognition' application that allows you to make your friends 'Look Like' anyone!

LookAlike is a great way to play a Prank on your friends and get a bunch of laughs in the process. You can take their picture with the iPhone, and LookAlike will pretend to 'process' their facial features, looking for a matching person that they look like...The trick is that you are allowed to configure what the resulting match will be before hand!

Here's how the application works:

1. Double-tapping any of the hidden buttons in the four corners of the screen will allow you to configure the resulting person for that corner.
2. Single-tapping any of the hidden corner buttons will 'activate' that corner. The person configured in that corner will be the result of the next LookAlike analysis.
3. Take a picture and begin the analysis...
4. LookAlike will then take several seconds while it pretends to analyze the face of your friend, then it will indicate that your friend's face matched to the person that you setup for that corner.
5. A few seconds later, LookAlike will show the image of that person (which you can also configure)

You can configure multiple corners, and prank multiple friends in a row for more realistic results! If you make a few of the results believable, and the last result absolutely ridiculous, your friends will be rolling on the floor laughing!

I have tried this on many of my friends, and I have had them all laughing hysterically at the results. Try it today!

Images by Vincent Boiteau ( -- used with permission and remixed by Zach Poley