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Florence City

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Florence is a long history with the cultural city, it is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, is also the birthplace of European culture. It is located in a valley Pingchuan Arnault, the four surrounded by hills.

15-16 century Florence is Europe's best-known arts center, art crafts and textiles to well-known in Europe. Italy in 1865-1871 was the temporary capital after reunification. Industry glassware, ceramics, senior clothing, leather-based. Gold and silver processing, handicrafts and other arts are also well-known copies.

Legends, in Florence, the earliest built in the reign period of the Roman Republic of Caesar, 59 BC in Rome, Florence became a colony. After being ruled Lombardy, the thirteenth century, the wool and textile industry due to the rapid development since the break off and became an important city in Italy at that time. At that time, political power in Florence, will be controlled by the Bank, the Republic established in 1282, the country's power transfer to the hands of powerful nobles.

After reunification in 1860 in Florence, Italy, made the capital of Italy for 11 years until moved to Rome in 1871.